Lesson 1: Problem Solving With C

Problem Solving Through Programming in C.

What is an algorithm in C?

Flowchart in C.

Pseudo Code in C.

Types Of Programming Languages.

Compilation Process in C.

Lesson 2: C Fundamentals

History of C Language.

Writing First Program in C.

Tokens in C.

Qualifiers in C.

Operators in C.

Precedence Of Operators in C.

Input and Output Functions in C.

Lesson 3: Control Structures

If Else Statement in C.

Switch and Break Statement in C.

Loops in C.

Lesson 4: Functions

Introduction to Functions in C.

Function Call in C.

Recursion & Scope of Variable in C.

Storage Classes in C.

Lesson 5: Arrays

Introduction to Arrays in C.

One Dimensional Array in C.

Two Dimensional Array in C.

Multi-Dimensional Array in C.

Passing Array to Function in C.

Lesson 6: Pointers

Introduction to Pointers in C.

Pointer Arithmetic in C.

How to Declare Function Pointer in C.

Memory Allocation in C.

Lesson 7: Strings

Introduction to String in C.

An Array of Strings in C.

Strings and Pointers in C.

Lesson 8: Structures and Unions

Structures and Unions in C.

Lesson 9: File Handling

File Handling in C.

Lesson 10: Preprocessor

What is Preprocessor in C.