Today we will learn a C program to Reverse a Number and Program to reverse a Number in C using different loops and methods.

First of all, what is Reverse of a Number?. Reversing a number means changing all the positions of the digit of a number.

For Example 12345 and it’s reverse is 54321.

There are many methods to reverse a number in c we will see it one by one.

1. Reversing a Number Using While loop

In this program, we will ask the user to enter the number which user want to reverse. The program will reverse the number using While loop.

#include <stdio.h>
int main() 
    int n, rev = 0, remainder;
    printf("Enter an integer: ");
    scanf("%d", &n);
    while (n != 0) {
        remainder = n % 10;
        rev = rev * 10 + remainder;
        n /= 10;
    printf("Reversed number = %d", rev);
    return 0;


c program to reverse a number


Let us consider user enter the number 1456. First the value of rev is 0.

1st Iteration: remainder=n%10 i.e remainder=1456%10=6 and rev=rev*10+remainder i.e rev=0*10+6=0+6=6.So, n=n/10 i.e 1456/10=145.

2nd Iteration: from the first iteration the value of n=145 and rev=6. remainder=n%10 i.e remainder=145%10=5 and rev=rev*10+remainder i.e rev=6*10+5=60+5=65. So, n=n/10 i.e 145/10=14.

3rd Iteration: from the second iteration the value of n=14 and reverse=65. remainder=n%10 i.e remainder=14%10=4 and the rev=rev*10+remainder i.e rev=65*10+4=650+4=654. So, n=n/10=14/10=1.

4th Iteration: from the third iteration the value of n=1 and rev=654. remainder=n%10 i.e remainder=1%10=1 and rev=rev*10+remainder i.e rev=654*10+1=6540+1=6541. So,n=n/10 i.e n=1/10=0

Now the value of n is 0 so the while loop will exit.

2. Using for Loop

  void main()
int no,rev=0,r,a;
printf("Enter any num: ");
printf("Reverse of %d is %d",a,rev);


program to reverse a number in c

In the above program, we have a user for loop instead of while loop so doesn’t be hesitated the logic behind the program is same.

3. C program to reverse a number using function

In this program, we will use the function in the main method so that the user will get the reverse of the input number after executing.

#include <stdio.h>
int Reverse_Integer (int);
int main()
  int Number, Reverse = 0;
  printf("\nPlease Enter any number to Reverse\n");
  scanf("%d", &Number);
  Reverse = Reverse_Integer (Number);
  printf("Reverse of entered number is = %d\n", Reverse);
  return 0;
int Reverse_Integer (int Number)
  int Reminder, Reverse = 0;
  while (Number > 0)
     Reminder = Number %10;
     Reverse = Reverse *10+ Reminder;
     Number = Number /10;
 return Reverse;

When the compiler reaches to Reverse_Integer(Number) then the compiler immediately jump to the Reverse_Integer function to perform its operation.

The logic behind the program is already discussed in the while loop program.

4. Using Recursion

Recursion means the function calls itself again and again till the condition becomes false.

int main(){
   int num,reverse_number;
   //User would input the number
   printf("\nEnter any number:");
   //Calling user defined function to perform reverse
   printf("\nAfter reverse the no is :%d",reverse_number);
   return 0;
int sum=0,rem;
reverse_function(int num){
      return sum;
   return sum;


reverse using recursion

In the above program, we have defined the user-defined function reverse_function which is called recursively.

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