After finding and doing lots of searches about c projects you finally reached here. You are at the right place. Here you will find the huge collection of c projects along with their source codes.

The projects are in the form of games, puzzles and software which are constructed in C language. All the projects enlisted on our site is 100 per cent error-free and tested on the ides.

The projects available on this website are totally free we do not charge any money from you. Here you can download directly each and every project’s source code with a single click.

After completing 12th, when the student takes admission in the field of engineering or any other computer-related course, c language is compulsory in the first year. So, it is mandatory for every student to make at least one project on C programming.


Most of the students only learn how to write c programs using functions, pointers and arrays. But if they try to build a compact project like mini-games it becomes difficult.

So to avoid the compactibility and difficultness towards building c project students find and search for free source codes available on the google.

Our website is fully filled with rich c projects. This projects will help you to get started with your project and will also give some ideas about the project which you should do in your final year project.

Here’s the list of C Projects that you will find on this page.

1. Bank Management System.
2. Calendar Project in C.
3. Contact Management System.
4. Cricket Scorecard Management.
5. Cyber Management System.
6. Departmental Store Management System.
7. Employee Record Management System.
8. Hangman Game Project.
9. Library Management System.
10. Medical Store Management.
11. Pacman Game Project.
12. Personal Dairy Management.
13. Phonebook Management.
14. Quiz Game Project.
15. School Billing System.
16. Snake Game Project.
17. Student Management System.
18. Telecom Billing System.
19. Tic Tac Toe Game Project.
20. Simple Calculator App
21. Unit Converter Project

Now let us see the project in detail one by one. To download Source Code just click on the download button below each project image.

1. Bank Management System.

As the name suggests this project is based on the bank system where you can perform operations like opening a bank account, managing transactions like debiting and crediting money.

In this project, you can also check the list of existing customers and also can remove an account with the help of inbuilt operations.

Pay IO use open Banking to empower businesses in the UK. Their aim is to provide cutting edge ecosystems that bring efficiency, new revenue opportunities and cost cutting to merchants.

This project will give you a realistic feel of the bank where you can perform activities which are done in the real banks.

Bank Management System is a console-based application which is built using GCC compiler.

The source code of the Bank Management System is very big so we will put a download button after image. From there you can download the source code.

The project is password protected. So, the password is “learnprogramo“.

bank management system


2. Calendar Project in C.

This Calendar application can perform mainly three operations those are finding the day corresponding to a given date, month and the year which were asked.

After executing the code you can navigate using the arrow keys of the keyboard. For next you should press the key ‘n’ and for previous just press the ‘p’ key.

One of the best features of this application is that it utilizes the method of file handling. with the help of this wonderful feature, you can add some important notes to the specific dates.

The calendar application is mainly based on the console which does not contain graphics. The colour used for the days of month is white and the sundays are highlighted using red color.

To get the source code, click on the download button just below the image.

calendar in c


3. Contact Management System.

In this project, you can do the operations like add a new contact of a person with their name, phone number, address and email. Listing all the contacts which are stored in the contact file. You can also edit any contact’s name, mobile number, address and also delete any account you want.

This project is as similar to a phonebook or electronic diary which are used to store the contacts of the persons. Only the difference is this is a basic c console based project.

Here you can list the contacts by their name, address as well as email. The method of file handling is used for storing the data in the file.

Now you can understand this project only after executing the source code. To download the source code click the download button below the projected image and automatically download will be begun.

contact management system


4. Cricket Scorecard Management

The Cricket Scorecard Management System is a very simple project which is programmed using c language. This project uses the method of file handling where the data of runs, name of the players, wickets, strike rates are stored in the file.

When the project is executed first of all the welcome screen is displayed with the main menu. The menu will contain three options such as new score sheet, view score sheet and the last one exit.

If you pressed 1 then the project asks for the file name where the data will be stored. After creating a file the user starts entering the data and that data is stored in the given file.

After entering the data the program will ask you to press ‘e’ for edit or to press ‘c’ to continue. And the last option is the exit where the project is closed.

cricket management


5. Cyber Management System.

The concept of file handling is used in the project to store the data in the file. This project utilizes the popular features like Multithreading, Sockets etc. Cyber Management System project will be very proven to the programmers who are beginners and want to learn to program.

This project is divided into two parts viz. client and the second one server. Each part has different source codes.

The Server will perform the task of manage setting and the client will grant access to the cyber services for the clients. This two viz. server and client are run in accordance with one another.

The task of the Cyber Management System is to interconnect different computers in the Cybercafes so the user can communicate with each and every computer in the lab.

This project mainly aims the cyber cafe with multiple clients. So to understand better download the source code.

cyber management


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6. Departmental Store Management.

The Departmental Store Management System is a console-based application built using c language which does not use graphic. This application can be used in any departmental store where you can add the goods, edit goods,search, delete, and also display the data of goods.

This project also uses the method of file handling where you can store all the goods data like rate, product name and price in a specific file. The data is stored in the file so you can display the data stored in that file anytime.

In this project void gotoxy(int x, int y) is used. This function allows the user to print text in any place of the screen.

So we have not mentioned the source code because of its length. To download source code you can directly click on the download button just below the below image.

departmental store management


7. Employee Record System.

As the name suggests you have got an idea about this project. The method of file handling is used to store the data in the specific file.

This is a very simple project where you can manage the data of employees working in a specific company or an organization.

With the help of this project, you will learn how to perform the file operations such as insert, edit, delete the data from the file.

Only the limitation of this project is you can only list the data but cannot search for a particular data item. If you have an idea about searching technique in c then you can modify this program using some ides.

After downloading and executing this project in compiler then you will get a proper idea about the project. So to download the project press on the download button given below the image.

employee management system


8. Hangman Game Project.

The Hangman Game is a very simple project which is designed in C language to show that games can also be developed using c. The coding of this game project is done in such a way that the user feels very interesting while playing the game.

During the construction of the project, not a single graphics are used and also user-defined functions and user-defined header files are not used.

The hangman project is coded in such a way that it’s very user-friendly. This project is developed in the IDE called as code:: Blocks with the help of GCC compiler.

When you run the game the application will ask you to guess one character. Five chances are given to the user to guess the characters.

If you match the characters in five chances then you will be the winner.

To understand better download the project and execute on your pc.

hangman game


9. Library Management System

The Library Management System is a type of console-based application without graphics which is developed using c language. The compiler used to make project is code:: Blocks using GCC compiler.

The File handling technique is used to store the data of the books in a specific file. You can perform the operations like returning book, storing book and student details, issue book details. In fact, you can do operations like Real Library operations.

If you are a beginner in c then this project is for you. Where after executing this program you will get a clear idea about how the operations are done in the library.

Here the source code is arranged in such a way that it becomes understandable for user use of commenting is also used for better understanding.

After downloading the project you will get a better idea about the working of the project.

library management system


10. Medical Store Management.

With the help of Medical Store Management System Project, you can perform operations like insert, delete and modify the records of customers, medicine and the suppliers which is added into the stock. This project is a console-based application without graphics.

The source code of this project is very lengthy and totally error-free which is designed and compiled in Code:: Block IDE with the help of MinGW compiler.

This project is very comprehensive because the method of file handling is used extensively to store the data in a particular file.

The use of Data Structure is also done for storing and organizing the data. To understand better download and compile the project. The download button is given just below the image.

medical store management


11. Pacman Game Project.

In this project, the snake game resembles some extent in such a way that Pacman in the game will be driven where it moves along with the predefined path. While moving on the predefined blue path the path is eaten or erased by the Pacman.

More you eat the path more your score is increased. This game application is very easy to play which gives a realistic feel of playing the original game.

This project is a console-based application designed for entertainment purpose. This project is designed in the C language using code:: Blocks with the help of GCC compiler.

In this project, the user-defined header file is created in the source code. The external C files are to control the behaviour and moving direction of the Pacman.

You will understand better after downloading and executing the project.

pacman game


12. Personal Dairy Management.

This is one of the best c programming projects. Personal Dairy management is a console-based application which is designed without using graphics.

As the name suggests the Personal Dairy Management System is used to store the personal data of an individual person. We can store data like person name, mobile number, address, date of birth, living place, etc.

You can also store important pieces of information like meeting information and various other tasks. This project is completely error-free. This project uses the method of file handling to store the data in the file.

In addition to the view, edit and delete the record you have to enter the password first. The password is not required to view the main menu or to add record. The password is used in other mini-projects.

The only difference is that we can edit the password within the application. Your password is enter which means press the enter key.

diary management system


13. Phonebook Management System.

This project is a very simple project which is a console-based application which is designed in Code:: Block with the help of GCC compiler.

Phonebook Management System allows you to perform the simple phonebook operations as you do in the mobile phonebook. You can do operations like insert, modify, list as well as you can also do a search and delete operations.

The file handling and data structure concepts are extensively used in this project. This code is totally error-free code.

This project is a basic c project which can help you to understand the basic concepts of functions, data structure and file handling. when you run the project the add new records, listing, modifying and delete are visible in the main menu.

Personal records such as person name, fathers name, phone number, email etc are asked during the addition of records. To understand better just download and execute this project.

The download button is given just below the image.

phonebook management system


14. Quiz Game Project.

This Quiz game project is as same as hangman game which is a console-based application designed using c language. In this game number of questions are asked. If the user gives the correct answer then the cash prize is awarded to each correct individual answer.

This game is designed in Code:: Blocks using GCC compiler which tests the general knowledge of the user. The question which is asked to the user is usually of the subject science, movies, sports, geography etc.

This project will not run on turbo c compiler. The question in the contest is asked in such a way that it covers all the fields of contests.

In this game, you can also save the user name, which the user scored the highest and there is also a system to reset the score. To make a game more interesting we have divided the game into two rounds. In order to jump on the second round, you should get qualified in the first round.

You will understand better if you download and execute this program on your PC.

c projects


15. School Billing System.

The School Billing System is the best C programming project which is a console-based project which is designed not using graphics. This is the best idea to take this project as a submission during the first year of college which will get affected on your marks.

This project allows you to do billing operations under two types of accounts one for the staff and the second for teaches. You will not find any single error during the execution of the project.

School Billing system make use of file handling method and also utilizes data structures and functions. This will help you to increase the better understanding of C language.

This project allows you to insert, modify, search and delete the records of both the types of accounts. It also displays the fees of the student, fee dues and the salary-related information. To make an entry of records the current month is asked first.

Download the project and execute the source code for better understanding.

school billing system c projects


16. Snake Game Project.

The Snake game project is a console-based simple project which is designed without using graphics. This project is as same as the Pacman game which is designed for the entertainment purpose.

While playing this game you will feel the realistic feel of mobile snake game. Which is as same as the mobile snake game only the difference is that the graphics are used in mobile game and we have not used graphics in this project.

The food for the snake is provided at various co-ordinates of the screen to eat. While playing the game, when the snake eats the food automatically the length of the snake is increased by one element. And the score is also increased when the snake eats the food.

In this game, only 3 lives are given to score the points after three life the game will terminate automatically.

we have not displayed the actual code of the project because its length is too long. If you want the project just click on the download button which is given below the image.

snake game c projects


17. Student Record System.

Among all the projects listed above the Student Record System is best because of the design used in this project. The file handling method is used to store the records of the students in a particular file.

This file is used as a database for this project where you can perform the operations such as insert record, modify a record, search the record and also delete the record. one of the best features of this project is that you can generate the mark sheet of the students.

In this project, the console window is divided into two parts one is static which do not change and second is dynamic which changes from time to time. Text is coded using various colours which makes attractive.

The code is incomplete some changes have to be done in the project. This project is designed using Code:: Blocks using GCC compiler.

c projects github


18. Telecom Billing System.

The Telecom Billing System Project is as same as the operations which are done in the telecom companies. Where, you can do the operations such as add record with name, phone number and the amount of the payment.

And also you can make payments by just providing the phone number in the place of a name. This project also use the method of file handling to store the data in a particular file.

This project will teach you how to insert, list, search and delete the records from the file using file handling method. Telecom Billing System project is made in Code:: Blocks using gcc compiler so if you try to execute it in turbo c it will not execute.

For better understanding download and execute the project using the compiler in your PC. The download button is given below the image.

c projects


19. Tic Tac Toe Game Project.

You have been playing this game behind the notebook pages when you were in the schools. This game makes a person miss school times and the break time given in the school where you played with your friends.

This game is a type of console-based application where graphics are not used. It is as same as noughts and the crosses also called as ‘Xs’ and ‘Os’ which is another name given this game. This game is designed in c language using Code:: Blocks with the help of GCC compiler.

After executing this project you will not find any error and the source code is not also so long. You can download from the below download button.

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In Tic Tac Toe game there are 765 states of space complexities.

The use of array is made while making the game where ‘Xs’ and ‘Os’ are stored in different arrays. While playing the game you have to choose either ‘X’ or ‘O’. I will not explain the game in detail because you are familiar with this game from childhood.

c projects


20. Simple Calculator App

As you know how the calculator is important in our day-to-day life. A calculator is used to perform high-level complex calculations. These calculations may be related to your maths homework, business operations, or any other calculations.

You can create your own calculator project using different types of loops such as while loop, for loop, do while loops, etc. You can also use a switch case to create your own calculator.

In general to do the calculation operation we have to provide two operands and the operation type such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. After entering the two operands the calculation is performed and the output is displayed on the screen.

In this c project you also have to enter the sign which you’ve to perform the calculation. For example 5+5, after entering the 5+5 the output 10 will be displayed on the screen as shown in the below picture.

simple calculator app, c projects with source code, c projects

For better understanding you can download this project by clicking on this link. After clicking on this link you’ll be redirected to the GitHub and from there you can download the source code and run it in the compiler.

21. Unit Converter Project

Sometimes some situations come in our life where we want to convert some units into another. For example, measuring the distance, calculating the weight, etc. Here you need some converters to convert one unit to different units.

In This project, you can convert Temperature, Mass, and currency as well. If you want to convert the temperature then press T, For converting Currency press C, and for Mass press M.

When you press T then the compiler will ask you to select whether you want to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit to Celcius.

The screenshot of this project is shown below.

unit converter project in c

To download the source code of this project click on this link which will redirect you to GitHub.

C Projects Github.

GitHub is an open-source software development platform where every solution for software error is founded. GitHub is also a subsidiary of Microsoft.

The GitHub also provides C projects which are shared openly by the software developers so If you don’t like any of the project listed above then check projects on GitHub hope you will find a suitable project.

C Programming Projects Download.

The download links for each project are given below the project output images. So to download the projects source code just press on the download button. Your download will start download automatically.

C Programming Projects for Engineering Students With Source Code.

The Projects mentioned above is also for engineering students. This projects will help you to score the highest marks in the computer-related subjects where c language is included.

C Programming Projects for Beginners With Source Code.

If you are a beginner and want to learn c programming then you can learn all the important C programs which will boost your learning. Here the programs are explained in detail.

After learning these programs you will get an idea about C Programming then you start doing projects and refer this projects which are listed above.


Here we have enlisted all the best C Projects with their source code. And all the projects are error-free. Hope you have got the project which you are finding for.

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