After finding and doing lots of searches about C++ Projects you finally reached here. You are at the right place. Here you will find the huge collection of C++ Projects along with their source codes.

The projects are in the form of games, puzzles and software which are constructed in C++ language. All the projects enlisted on our site is 100 per cent error-free and tested on the ides.

The projects available on this website are totally free we do not charge any money from you. Here you can download directly each and every project’s source code with a single click.

After completing 12th, when the student takes admission in the field of engineering or any other computer-related course, C++ language is compulsory in the first year. So, it is mandatory for every student to make at least one project on C++ programming.


Most of the students only learn how to write C++ programs using functions, pointers and arrays. But if they try to build a compact project like mini-games it becomes difficult.

So to avoid the compactibility and difficultness towards building C++ project students find and search for free source codes available on the google.

Our website is fully filled with rich C++ Projects. This projects will help you to get started with your project and will also give some ideas about the project which you should do in your final year project.

Here’s the list of C++ Projects that you will find on this page.

1. Attendance Management System.
2. Bank Management System.
3. Bus Reservation System.
4. Casino Game Project.
5. Catering Management System.
6. College Registration System.
7. Doctor Appointment System.
8. Hangman Game Project.
9. Hotel Management System.
10. Staff Management System.
11. Student Database Management System.
12. Student Report Card Management System.
13. Tic Tac Toe Game Project.

Now let us see the project in detail one by one. To download Source Code just click on the download button below each project image.

1. Attendance Management System.

Every Organizations, school and the place where workers work have their own attendance to maintain salary records. The salary of the worker depends on how many days he was present. So there should be software that maintain these records.

So the Attendance Management System Maintain the records of the attendance. Where you can Manage the leaves of the workers, log in with unique username and password, manage holidays etc.

This project is totally built at the administrators end so the project access will be granted to both student and the administrator. The purpose of building this project is to reduce the manual work from managing attendance.

The searching facility is also given in this project. You can insert, update, delete the records and also manage the records of leave.

To understand better just download and execute the program in your PC.

c++ projects


2. Bank Management System.

As the name suggests this project is based on the bank system where you can perform operations like opening a bank account, managing transactions like debiting and crediting money.

In this project, you can also check the list of existing customers and also can remove an account with the help of inbuilt operations.

This project will give you a realistic feel of the bank where you can perform activities which are done in the real banks.

The source code of the Bank Management System is very big so we will put a download button after image. From there you can download the source code.

c++ projects


3. Bus Reservation System.

The Bus Reservation is a very simple project which shows the implementation of class along with the object of the C++ language. This project is simple to understand and also it will make clear the concept of class and object.

In this project the user can perform the operations such as install bus information, reserving a bus seat, showing bus information, and showing the information about the buses availability.

This application is a console-based application which is designed in Code:: Blocks with the help of GCC compiler. The method of file handling is used to store the information in a particular file.

For better understanding download and execute the source code using GCC compiler in your PC. The download button is given just below the projected image.

c++ projects with source code


4. Casino Game Project.

The concept of Casino Game and the Number Guessing Game is the same. In a Casino, we have to guess a number and if the number gets matched with the winning number or the random number then that person is the winner.

When the application is started the compiler will ask you to enter the name of the user with the initial bidding amount. Now the game began when the user bid some amount. But before guessing the number bid amount should be entered.

Let’s consider an example, suppose I am a player Jaydeep with a total amount of $500. I deposited the total amount and start playing. Now first I took a bid of $100 and guess a number 5.

If the random number generated by the computer is 5 then I win and the amount won by me is 10 times of my Bid amount. And if I lose then I can play more with remaining $400 amount.

casino game


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5. Catering Management System.

Catering Management System is Specially designed for the purpose of ordering food items in a symmetric way by the customers and also calculating the bill of the customers.

This is a console-based project designed using C++ language in Code:: Blocks with the help of GCC compiler.

This system elaborates the basic concept for generating the given item’s detail. Here customer has to select an item from the given menu and their quantity. and the output is displayed in the form of the total bill.

Different Variables, functions and the string has been used during the building of this project. This project is totally error-free and simple to understand.

c++ projects for engineering


6. College Registration System.

College Registration System is based on a concept of recording the college records. Before stepping into the main system a user has to pass through a login system to get access to the project.

We have not added a login system in this project because some changes have to be done. So you please refer the login system of the bank management system and implement it.

Only the user can add the college entry and display the full information about the colleges. This mini project contains limited features but the essential one.

In this project, we can update, insert and delete the records of the college. So the method of file handling is used to store the college data in a particular file.

college registeration system


7. Doctor appointment System.

The Doctor appointment system project is based on making patient appointments for visit. To book an appointment the user should be login first and then can proceed further to book an appointment.

The projects other features are displaying doctors information of the hospital, managing appointments. The Doctor Appointment System contains limited features but an essential one.

Here you can also check the details of existing appointments if the one person book appointment then the same person cannot book appointment until the first completes.

To understand better download and execute the source code in your PC. The download button is given below the image.

advanced c++ projects


8. Hangman Game Project.

The Hangman Game is a very simple project which is designed in C++ language to show that games can also be developed using C++. The coding of this game project is done in such a way that the user feels very interesting while playing the game.

During the construction of the project, not a single graphics are used and also user-defined functions and user-defined header files are not used.

The hangman project is coded in such a way that it’s very user-friendly. This project is developed in the IDE called as code:: Blocks with the help of GCC compiler.

When you run the game the application will ask you to guess one character. Five chances are given to the user to guess the characters.

If you match the characters in five chances then you will be the winner.

To understand better download the project and execute on your pc.

c++ projects github


9. Hotel Management System.

This project aims at keeping the rooms records and the attendance record of each member of the hotel according to their room number with room details.

This system also calculates the bills of each room when they take the food which is provided by the hotel department. Overall the aim of the project is to make accommodation procedure easy.

In this project, the user can manage the accommodations for individual persons and the guests. This project is made using c++ language using the GCC compiler.

The method of file handling is used to store the information of the hotel in a particular file.

hotel management system


10. Staff Management System.

Basically The Staff Management System is a desktop application which is designed Using C++ language using Code:: Blocks with the help of GCC compiler.

The main aim of the project is to provide an application that will be helpful to manage staff details in an organization or an office.

A user can perform operations such as insert, delete, update the records of the staff. To store this data in the database the method of file handling is used. where all the data is stored in a specific file.

You can also sort all the staff details according to their age and gender.

staff management system


11. Student Database Management System.

Among all the projects listed above the Student Record System is best because of the design used in this project. The file handling method is used to store the records of the students in a particular file.

This file is used as a database for this project where you can perform the operations such as insert record, modify a record, search the record and also delete the record. one of the best features of this project is that you can generate the mark sheet of the students.

In this project, the console window is divided into two parts one is static which do not change and second is dynamic which changes from time to time. Text is coded using various colours which makes attractive.

student database management system


12. Student Report Card Management System.

Student report card management system is the best C++ projects and also a simple console-based application built without using graphics.

In this project the user can perform the functions like inserting a new student record, modifying that record, updating as well as deleting the record.

The method of file handling is used to store the student report data in the specific file. This project will teach you how file handling is implemented in C++.

The source code is very lengthy so I have not mentioned the source code here. You can download this project’s source code from the download button mentioned below the image.

student report card


13. Tic Tac Toe Game C++ Projects.

You have been playing this game behind the notebook pages when you were in the schools. This game makes a person miss school times and the break time given in the school where you played with your friends.

It is as same as noughts and the crosses also called as ‘Xs’ and ‘Os’ which is another name given this game.

After executing this project you will not find any error and the source code is not also so long. You can download from the below download button.

In Tic Tac Toe game there are 765 states of space complexities.

While playing the game you have to choose either ‘X’ or ‘O’. I will not explain the game in detail because you are familiar with this game from childhood.

c++ projects for class 12


Some C++ Projects for class 12.

  • Airlines Reservation System
  • ATM Banking System
  • Cafeteria Order Management System
  • Car Insurance System
  • Car Rental System
  • Clothing Store Management System
  • College Management System
  • Gym Management System
  • Hostel Accommodation System
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Mess Management System
  • Movie Ticket Booking System
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Student Attendance Management System
  • Supermarket Management System


Here we have enlisted all the best C++ Projects with their source code. And all the projects are error-free. Hope you have got the project which you are finding for.