In this article, we will discuss the list of best laptops under 70000 in India. We all know the importance of laptops in our day-to-day life. Without laptops, it’s impossible to do any work in a short period of time. Nowadays the laptops are becoming a part of our life. During the pandemics, everyone was doing work from home with the help of their laptops so, the demand for the laptops was also increased.

Everyone needed laptops in this situations it may be working professionals, students who like to play games and watch web series etc.

Before buying a laptop it’s always recommended to learn more about their performances and the specifications. Here we have given in-depth specifications of the best laptops under 70000 in India. It’s not very easy to find out the most suitable laptop because of the wide range of laptops available in the market. As the technologies are expanding very fastly, new features are getting added day by day.

Our team has researched a lot and studied about the best laptops under 70000. We also identified that the laptops with SSD are most suitable laptops for anyone.

We have taken care of each and every specification which laptop shall have. Most of the laptops are of brands like Dell, HP, ASUS, LENOVO, ACER. So let’s see the in-depth specifications of the top 10 best laptops under 70000.

Best Laptops Under 70000 in India

Name of LaptopStorageBuy
HP Pavilion Gaming1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSDBuy on Amazon
Acer Nitro 5 15.6 inch FHD Gaming Notebook1 TB HDDBuy on Amazon
HP Pavilion x360 core i5512 GB SSDBuy on Amazon
Lenovo Legion Y540256 GB SSDBuy on Amazon
HP 14s Core i5 10th Gen1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSDBuy on Amazon
HP Pavilion 11th gen core i5 FHD512 GB SSDBuy on Amazon
Asus TUF FX505 Gaming Laptop1 TB HDDBuy on Amazon
Asus Vivobook s14 thin and light512 GB SSD + 32GB Optane MemoryBuy on Amazon
Dell Inspiron 15 15.6 inch FHD Laptop512 GB SSDBuy on Amazon
Lenovo IdeaPad S5401 TB HDD + 256GB SSDBuy on Amazon

Best Laptops Under 70000

Now lets see the specification of top 10 best laptops under 70000 in India.

1. HP Pavilion Gaming

best laptop under 70000

Main Features:

PROCESSORAMD Ryzen 5 4th Gen
GPUNvidia GTX 1650 Graphics
DISPLAY15.6 inches 1920X1080
WEIGHT1.98 kg
OSWindows 10
BATTERY8 hours

HP Pavilion Gaming is one of the best laptops under 70000 in India. This laptop comes with a 3.0GHz AMD ryzen5-4600h 4th generation processor which makes the laptop super faster. The main purpose of this laptop is for gaming because of its look, But you can also use it for your office work. For those who are thinking to buy the best laptop within the range of 60k to 70k then, this is the best choice. Now let’s talk about the highlighted features.

This laptop has a refresh rate of 144hz and what else we need in the range of 79k. Ryzen 5 is the best processor in terms of speed and even we have done lots of research. So, according to the experts, the Ryzen 5 is much better than the Intel i5 and i5 core processors.

Now let’s talk about the display. The display of this laptop is full HD which is also called gamers delight and I think that you’ll not get any such deal in the market. The only brand that provides laptops with such a high refresh rate is Asus but, their availability is only the issue. The color contrast of this laptop is not so good, but no regrets. If you are a video editor or animator then only you’ll see differentiation in the contrast. If you are a gamer then this laptop will be the best choice for you because will gaming you’ll get 60 to 80 FPS frame rates.

Nvidia GTX 1650, just because of this graphic card your gaming experience will be much smoother. And you’ll be able to play the games in a very high setting. If you are comparing this laptop with 1650ti then there is only a 7 to 10% difference in performance. So, as per my recommendation don’t waste your valuable money to purchase 1650ti.

This laptop has storage of 512 GB SSD with 1 TB HDD which is enough for you. One piece of advice for you, if you’re buying a laptop then first check whether the laptop has SSD storage or not. Because SSD gives 15 times faster speed than the normal HDD. The sound quality of this laptop is good and the battery backup is also good compared to ASUS laptops.


  • Anti Glare Full HD Display
  • Graphics Card – 4 GB
  • Stylish Look
  • Nice kay feel while typing
  • 144 Hz panel


  • Heating of laptop at lower right portion.
  • No keys for turning off the backlit.
  • 2 USB ports only.
  • All the ports are on the right side.
  • Single color backlit keyboard.
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2. Acer Nitro 5 15.6 inch FHD Gaming Notebook

best laptop under 70000

Main Features:

PROCESSORIntel core i5 9th Gen
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 1050
DISPLAY15.6 inch Full HD IPS Display
WEIGHT2 kg 300 gm
OSWindows 10
BATTERY3-4 hours constant

Acer Nitro 5 is another best gaming laptop under 70000 with red-backlit which gives a laptop gaming look. According to our research, the laptop is great which comes with 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD. I think according to the price the laptop features are also great, so let’s check laptop specifications in detail.

This laptop has a 15.6 inch full HD IPS display which is very superb and the colors are also accurate. We also check the viewing angles of the laptop there is no defect. The entire keyboard has a red-backlit which gives the laptop an amazing look at night But, there is some issue of light bleeding sometimes. The overall performance of the laptop is great because of the Intel Core i5 9th Gen processor. The build quality of the laptop is plastic with very smooth finishing But, it’s fine because you can’t expect Aluminium built laptops under this range.

The speakers of Acer Nitro 5 are good and the sound quality is also very great. They are louder and best for watching movies and playing games. This laptop doesn’t come with an SSD but the laptop has a slot for SSD where u can install it later. Before buying a laptop we should check the travel key experience of the keyboard So, you will get the best key travel and you’ll also feel comfortable while typing. The price of the laptop is also low because of only red backlit, this laptop is also available with RGB backlit but it is very costlier.

Now let’s talk about the temperature of laptop. Acer Nitro is very descent in temperature, It don’t get hot so it’s very impressive.


  • The overall performance is good but if u add 5 to 10k to your budget then you’ll get SSD.
  • Good loudspeakers.
  • Good battery life compared to other laptops.
  • The feel of the trackpad is great.
  • The charging of the laptop is very fast.


  • The laptop is very heavy.
  • The smudges of fingers come on the body.
  • You’ll notice the bleeding of the backlit.
  • The laptop has only red backlit color not RGB.
  • Worst webcam
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3. Hp Pavilion x360

best laptop under 70000

Main Features:

PROCESSORIntel core i5 11th Gen
GPUIntel iris X Graphics
DISPLAY14 inch Full HD IPS Display
WEIGHT1.58 kg
OSWindows 10
BATTERY5 hours

HP Pavilion x360 is among the best laptops under 70000 which is a full touch screen with 8 GB of RAM. This laptop comes with Intel i5 11th gen processor and 512 GB SSD which boost the speed and perform very well. This laptop is very light and easy to carry in the office. Our team is also using this laptop for daily work purposes because of its high performance and battery backup.

The laptop comes with new Intel iris X graphics which is very faster. According to our research, this laptop is much faster than the laptops with the 10th generation. The user may get some nominal installation issues during the installation of drivers for the first time So, it’s better to have good internet data before installation. We also tested the battery backup of the laptop, the backup is only for 4 hours when once it gets charged.

The touch screen is great and gives a smooth performance while scrolling. The laptop contains storage of 512 SSD which helps the laptop to boost very fast. HP Pavilion x360 also contains fingerprints and the laptop unlocks very faster than expected.

The sound quality of the laptop is also very good but my suggestion is to use a headset to get better sound quality. The laptop also has a backlit on the keyboard and the key travel is also very great So, you’ll feel comfortable while typing. This laptop can be used for presentation purposes in the office because it is easy to handle and easily fits in our hands.

As the name suggest the laptop can be folded in 360 degree. So I highly recommend this laptop if you are a working professional.


  • Latest Intel Core i5 11th Gen processor.
  • Touch Screen.
  • LED Backlit Keyboard.
  • 360 degree foldable.
  • Easy to Handle.


  • Do not contain Laptop bag and pen.
  • Quiet heavier as compared to 14 inch laptops.
  • Quality of screen is bad.
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4. Lenovo Legion Y540

best laptop under 70000

Main Features:

PROCESSORIntel Core i5 9th Gen
GPUNvidia GTX 1650 Graphics
DISPLAY15.6 inch 1920X1080 FHD
WEIGHT2.3 kg
OSWindows 10
BATTERY4 hours

Legion is the best series launched by Lenovo which gives huge success to Lenovo with reasonable prices. Most of the best laptops under 70000 are of Lenovo but in them, Lenovo legion is the best choice. I will discuss how this laptop is different than others. This series was launched at the end of 2020 which comes with extraordinary features and I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with this laptop. Now let’s discuss the specifications of the laptop.

This laptop comes with an Intel Core i5 9th generation and Nvidia GTX 1650 Graphics card which boosts the overall performance of the laptop. The design of this laptop is very nice and I think that after looking at this laptop you’ll surely purchase this laptop. The laptop consists of a hybrid storage system that comes with 1 TB HDD and 512 GB SSD.

Don’t think that this laptop will be only for working professionals then this is not true. Because the laptop can also be used for gaming purposes as it contains a 4 GB graphics card which gives a gaming experience for the user. You can see that this laptop consists of two cooling fans which keep the laptop each and every time. And also consists of 4 thermal vents which throw the hot air outside which helps the laptop for maintaining the temperature.

We also checked the trackpad of this laptop, we cannot see any defect in this and can be used for daily purpose. The sound quality of this laptop is quite nice. The RAM of this laptop is 8 GB but after you can also expand it up to 32 GB. The battery life of this model is good which can be worked for a maximum of 4 hours.


  • 512 GB SSD which makes the laptop faster.
  • The trackpad is very easy and good for daily use.
  • The weight of this laptop is too heavy.
  • Full HD anti-glare display.
  • 4 GB Graphics card.


  • Plastic Body.
  • Bad webcam.
  • Brightness is not so good.
  • Bad key placements.
  • Heavy charger.
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5. HP 14s Core i5 10th Gen

best laptop under 70000

Main Features:

PROCESSORIntel Core i5 10th Gen
GPUIntel UHD Graphics
DISPLAY14 inch Full HD Display
WEIGHT1.43 kg
OSWindows 10
BATTERY8 hours

HP 14s laptop comes with 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD which boost the speed of the laptop. This laptop can be used only for office work or if you’re a student then this is the perfect choice for you. The weight of the laptop is only 1.43 kg which is very handy and very useful in day-to-day life. The build quality of this laptop is very fantastic with silver color finishing which attracts the user to purchase it.

256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM help the laptop for multi-tasking and firing of the apps simultaneously. We also tested the screen quality of the laptop which is anti-glare with a very thin bezel. The design on bezels is superior which makes the screen wider than expected. The battery backup of this laptop is given 8 hours on amazon but it’s not correct. The battery lasts for 4 to 5 hours by a single charge which is not bad so don’t worry about the battery backup.

You’ll get Microsoft office pre-installed which contains the word, excel, and PowerPoint. The Microsoft outlook will not be there in the pack and if you need outlook then you should buy the O365 subscription separately. The backlit keyboard of this laptop is very delightful with great time travel. The user will feel comfortable while typing. For the same, the mouse is also delightful and smooth which will make the user happy for sure.

The sound quality of this laptop is very cool you can also enjoy the loud music using headsets also. But if you are gamer then this laptop is not for you then try to buy HP Pavilion gaming.


  • Light Weight.
  • Fast Charging.
  • No heating issues.
  • 4-5 hours of Battery backup.
  • OS is loaded in the SSD which gives seamless performance.


  • Do not comes with laptop bag or other cases.
  • Some problems in USB slots.
  • Web cam issue.
  • Battery backup is 5-6 hours instead of 8 as they promised.
  • Keyboard letters not very visible.
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6. HP Pavilion 11th gen core i5 FHD

hp pavilion 11th gen

Main Features:

PROCESSORIntel Core i5 11th Gen
GPUIntel Iris Graphics
DISPLAY14 inch Full HD Display
WEIGHT1.41 kg
OSWindows 10
BATTERY6 hours

HP Pavilion 11th Gen Core i5 is one of the best laptops of 2021 which is the best laptops under the 70000 range. The price of this laptop is only 62,990 RS which is very good in terms of features and specifications. The best thing about this laptop is 16 GB RAM which is very great because providing any laptop with 16 GB of RAM in this price range is not possible. I recommend you place the order for this laptop without hesitating.

The build and looks of this laptop are awesome and the laptop is built using plastic not Aluminium So, handle with care. The color of the laptop is silver which gives the laptop a classy look with the HP logo shining on the back cover enhances the laptop’s appearance. The weight of this laptop is only 1.41 kg which is too light and noticeable. Most of the laptops while opening lifts up the keyboard and uses two hands to open the laptop. But there are no such issues with this laptop it didn’t lift up the keyboard and can easily open with one hand only.

This laptop boost usually in 5 to 6 seconds only which is very great compared to other laptops. The best thing is that the fingerprint scanner is present in this laptop which boosts the unlocking time of the laptop. We also checked the mouse gestures which work very fine and the apps also open very fast. The camera is also very good so the overall performance of this laptop is very unbelievable.


  • Best configurations at this price.
  • Excellent Performance.
  • Data transfer is really very fast.
  • The sound quality is also very good.
  • 16 GB RAM.


  • Plastic Body.
  • Sometimes hinges don’t lift the lower part.
  • Noise of the fans are little louder.
  • Body is prone to the scratches.
  • Adapter quality is not so good.
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7. Asus TUF FX505 Gaming Laptop

asus tuf gaming laptop

Main Features:

PROCESSORRyzen 7 4800H
GPUGTX 1650 4 GB
DISPLAY15.6 inch Full HD Display
WEIGHT2.30 kg
OSWindows 10
BATTERY4 hours

As we all know the TUF series of Asus is one of the top-rated and most sellable series in India. This laptop is also known as the gamer’s third choice after pavilion gaming and MSI. This laptop is very great at this price range compared to Acer aspire 7, Acer Nitro 5, and the hp pavilion edge. Asus TUF laptop comes with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB of HDD, where you can expand the RAM up to 32 GB. The SSD is not included in this price but this laptop has a slot for SSD where you can insert it whenever you needed.

The lightning effect and the aura effect of this laptop are awesome. This laptop is specially designed for graphic designers and gamers. The Asus hyper-cool technology also consists of an anti-dust cooling system that keeps the laptop cool while gaming. The laptop also consists of a dedicated GPU that accelerates the speed and the performance of the apps. The bezels of this laptop are only 6.5mm which is very slimmer compared to other laptops.

This laptop contains a 4 GB graphics card which gives gaming performance to the user with a 60 Hz refresh rate. The main feature of this laptop is that this laptop contains the LED RGB backlit which gives the excellent look to the laptop. The Acer Nitro 5 doesn’t come with RGB backlit at this price range so I think this laptop is much better than Acer Nitro 5.

The battery backup is also decent which is 4 hours and also comes with windows 10 pre-installed with 1 year of manufacturing warranty. We also tested the speaker quality of this laptop which is not so bad.


  • 6 hours battery life for watching movies.
  • 4 GB Graphic Card.
  • RGB Keyboard Backlit.
  • excellent features at this price.
  • Great gaming look.


  • Webcam is not so good.
  • Do not come with SSD.
  • Heavy Weight compared to others.
  • Headset jack problem sometimes.
  • The processor sometimes gets slow.
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8. Asus Vivobook s14 thin and light

asus vivobook s15

Main Features:

PROCESSORIntel Core i5 1035 G1
GPUIntel UHD Graphics
STORAGE512 SSD + 32 GB Optane
DISPLAY14 inch Full HD
WEIGHT1.35 kg
OSWindows 10
BATTERY6 hours

Asus Vivobook 14 is a very thin and light laptop that weighs only 1.35 kg which is very easy to handle. The specification and the build quality are simply awesome. The speakers come with a 3.5 mm jack which is very high in volume. Because of its battery performance, this laptop is very great for office uses where user can also make presentations for your office projects.

The amazing feature of this laptop is that it boots up only in 2 seconds because of the fingerprint scanner isn’t that amazing?

As of our research, the battery life of this laptop is very great and runs about 12-13 hours at 80% brightness. The touchpad and the backlit keyboard give a seamless performance to the user. Sometimes doing work at night also becomes a problem for the user so the backlit keyboard helps the user to work for a long time.

This laptop is available in two colors i.e. silver and petal pink, you can choose any of these two colors while purchasing. The windows apps are preinstalled on the laptop and the screen bezels are also so thin and small which gives the display a great look. The display of this laptop is anti-glare which does not harms the user’s eyes. The sound quality is very good but the laptop cannot be used for the gaming experience. The 32 GB Optane memory boosts the speed of the laptop which is an identical feature of this laptop because other laptops do not contain this type of memory.

The ratio of screen to body is 87% which gives laptop a beautiful look. The webcam of this laptop is 720 HD which is quiet amazing. If you are thinking the best laptops under 70000 then this will be the best choice for you.


  • Very Thin and light Weight.
  • Excellent Battery Backup.
  • 4k videos runs very smoothly.
  • Backlit Keyboard.
  • pre installed Microsoft Office.


  • I think Sound loudness should be greater.
  • Odd positioning of the power button.
  • Expensive.
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9. Dell Inspiron 15 15.6 inch FHD Laptop

dell inspiron 15

Main Features:

PROCESSORIntel Core i5
GPUIntegrated Graphic Card
DISPLAY15.6 inch Full HD
WEIGHT2.4 kg
OSWindows 10
BATTERY5 hours

This is the only laptop from dell which comes under the budget with excellent features and a seamless experience. This laptop comes with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD which is excellent at this price range from dell. Because the premium look of a laptop with 15.6 inches Full HD display attracts makes users happy. The body of the laptop is metallic only the display edges are made up of plastic.

The battery backup of this laptop is correct for 5 hours as promised by dell. The reason for purchasing the laptop is because dell has excellent hardware compared to other companies which make the laptop identical. The speed for starting the apps is also good because of the powerful SSD.

I will not recommend this laptop whose main goal is typing because the key travel is not so good and the user becomes frustrated while typing. The booting time of this laptop is excellent because of the fingerprint reader present on the laptop. the bezels of the laptop are also not very thick. I recommend you upgrade the RAM after purchasing which will boost the performance by twice the present.

The overall performance of this laptop is very good as the laptop is of the brand DELL So, don’t hesitate while buying this laptop. And note that this laptop is not a gaming laptop so don’t expect gaming performance from the laptop. This laptop can be used only for office and college purposes.


  • Lid open sensors.
  • Inbuilt fingerprint scanner.
  • Excellent metallic Body.
  • 5 Hours of Battery backup.
  • Great sound quality.


  • Key Travel is very bad.
  • Calculator signs present on the number pad which is useless.
  • Heating problems.
  • The battery is not user-replaceable.
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10. Lenovo IdeaPad S540

lenovo ideapad

Main Features:

PROCESSORIntel Core i5 10th Gen
GPUNvidia MX 250
DISPLAY15.6 inch Full HD
WEIGHT1.8 kg
OSWindows 10
BATTERY9 hours

This is a very good laptop and I personally use it for Digital Marketing, editing Youtube videos, and blogging. The quality of the screen is really very good and the Mouse pad gives a very soft feel while scrolling. The body is very soft and the sound quality is also great and loud. For me, the battery backup is 6 hours continuously but if you start playing games then it gets reduced to 3-4 hours.

The laptop gets charged very faster compared to other laptops. A few months back when I bought this laptop the price was only 61k and I also got 1-year premium support from Lenovo. This laptop comes with 15.6 inches full HD display which is anti-glare. One main thing the users need is quick support from the manufacturer So, I think that Lenovo gives the best support for their customers compared to others.

One day I deleted some important system folders accidentally and my laptop was not working properly. So I contact immediately contact the Lenovo team to get back that folder and get the folder back very quickly. The overall performance of the laptop is very good and you can also feel the great gaming experience because of the graphic card.

If you are finding a multi-tasking laptop with great features so this is the best-suited laptop for you which is among the best laptops under 70000 in India. Now lets us see why you should buy and why you should not buy.


  • Good HD display.
  • Sound quality is best.
  • Fingerprint scanner.
  • Excellent built quality.
  • Very good performance.


  • Worst Camera.
  • Some button issues.
  • Heating issue.
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Buying Guide for best laptops under 70000

Nowadays laptops are becoming a part of our day-to-day life. Peoples are preferring laptops more than watching TV because the laptops are multi-tasking which can be used for work as well as watching movies. The companies realize the need for laptops so they are constantly reducing the prices of the laptop so that every user will be able to buy them.

So here we’ll discuss what user should expect from the best laptop under 70000 which he’ll be going to purchase.

Mentioned below are the most important and successful tips user should keep in mind while purchasing a new laptop.

Screen Sizes

Normally the laptops are available from 13 to 17 inches in the market whereas the Apple MacBook is providing the smallest size laptops which are about 13.2 inches screen size. They are also much costlier than the other laptops so make sure that you purchase the laptops according to your needs.

If you are a programmer who is working for a company then he should buy the laptop which has the highest display size like 16 to 17 inches. Because the greater the screen size greater is the size of the keyboard which gives users comfort while typing.

Smaller size laptops are used only by the users who have to work only on small projects also who want to design the presentation for the office. The small screen-sized laptops are very thin and lighter which are also easy to carry in the office. If you are a working professional who has to carry a laptop in the office every time then he should prefer to buy a laptop of 14 inches.

The students of the users whose main motive is only to watch movies and web series on laptop then the laptop with 15.6 will be best suited for you. Nowadays the companies are manufacturing laptops with an anti-glare display that does not harm the eyes like previous generations’ laptops.

Most of the laptops are purchased for video editing purposes which need high 4k resolutions laptops that make users work easier than expected.

Check that Keyboard and Touchpad

The main thing while buying a laptop is to check the functioning and the working of the mouse and the keyboard. The best laptops under 70000 should have a backlit keyboard which is very helpful to users who have a habit to work at night also. You should check while typing you are feeling comfortable.

Every laptop should have nice time travel and the spaces between the two keys should also be enough to type. Sometimes some users buy a laptop without any research and then they realize that they have been purchased the wrong laptop So, my recommendation to users is to read do research before buying a new laptop.

The best laptop under 70000 should also contain mouse gestures and the user should get a smooth feel while scrolling. Gestures like scrolling with two fingers up and down, pinch-to-zoom should also be present there.

Refresh Rate

The process of displaying new images per second is called Refresh Rate. Every Graphic card has its own refresh rates and normally the laptop with the higher refresh rate is called the best-suited laptop. In order to get a nice gaming performance, the laptop’s refresh rate should get a match the graphic cards refresh rate. So my recommendation is to purchase a laptop with a high refresh rate i.e. between 120Hz to 144Hz.


While buying a laptop you must check whether the laptop contains these ports or not: HDMI port for the out of video, C type port and also check laptop has Thunderbolt 3 or 4 ports. Nowadays every mobile phones charger are of type C so for the data transfer and alternate charging purpose your laptop should contain Type C port. The most common ports are USB ports, SD card slot, and headphone jacks.

If you are a gamer then you should check for the ethernet ports. Now, the thunderbolt offers the highest transfer speed up to 40Gbps which is also backward compatible with Thunderbolt 3.


I know that everybody loves music and also have habit of listening music while studying and working in the office. My laptop has B & O audio speakers which are so loud and also some laptops come with Harman speakers which are also great. I recommend you to check the audio speakers quality if you loves music and watching movies.


During the pandemics, all the students were supposed to do the online classes on laptops so the webcam was the primary thing for them to be present in classes. Most of the meetings were using software such as zoom, google meet and companies were using Webex.

For the communication purpose the web cam is needed so you should check the web cam quality also before purchasing the laptop.

Battery Life

If you are purchasing a laptop that will be near the plugboard and the charging slot will be available near you then no need to worry. But if you are a working professional or you want to give the presentation in a company where you will not get any charging options then it will be a problem for you. So, to avoid such situations your laptop’s battery life should be 6 to 8 hours at least.

Every manufacturer makes fake promises for the battery life, if they say that the battery life of the particular laptop is 8 hours, but after using it in real it gets reduced to 5 to 6 hours maximum.


If you are buying the best laptops under 70000 then your laptop should have the highest available RAM in this budget. You’ll get at least 8 GB Ram at this budget because higher GB RAM is required for the multitasking of the laptop. Most of the users purchase higher GB RAM because some of the software such as video editing software, programming software requires higher GB RAM. If you don’t want to use such software’s then 4GB RAM is also OK for you.

Warranty and Support

Most of the laptop manufacturers such as DELL, HP, LENOVO, ASUS, and APPLE provide 1-year manufacturing warranty. If you get some issue in the system or one of the components of hardware is damaged then the company will refund your money back or they’ll provide you a new laptop. But if the laptop gets damaged by your mistake then it’s your fault you didn’t handle it with care.

The best laptops under 70000 should consist of following specifications:

  • 8 GB RAM.
  • 1 TB HDD + minimum 256 GB SSD.
  • Finger Print Scanner and Backlit Keyboard.
  • Good sound quality speakers.
  • minimum 14 inch screen.
  • 4 GB Graphics card.
  • Good Web cam.
  • Smooth mousepad and keyboard keys.

Final Words

While reading this article you see that every laptop has its advantages and disadvantages and you’ll not find any such laptop which will do not have any disadvantages. So choose the laptop which disadvantages you don’t care and also remember that each and every laptop have a unique identity in the market.

So, without any hesitation choose the best laptops under 70000 and I hope after reading this article you found your perfect choice of the laptop. Best laptops under 70000.

FAQ on Best Laptops under 70000

Does the laptop come with a fingerprint scanner?

Ans. Yes, most of the laptop manufacturers provide fingerprint scanners such as HP, ASUS, LENOVO, and DELL. The advantage of having a fingerprint is that your laptop will be unlocked in just 2 sec compared to laptops which don’t have fingerprint scanners.

Which gaming laptop is best under 70000?

Ans: HP Pavilion gaming, Acer Nitro 5 and Asus TUF Gaming are the best gaming laptops under 70000.

How much GB of RAM should a laptop consist of under 70000?

Ans: The laptop which comes under the price 70000 should consist of at least 8 GB of RAM.

Which is no 1 laptop in the world?

Ans: We cannot say which laptop is at top because each laptop has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Which Laptop Brand is best in India?

Ans: The brands such such as HP, DELL, LENOVO, ASUS and APPLE are the best and most selling brands in India.