Do you often feel like an underachiever, going to the bed with a feeling of not achieving everything you had in mind for the day?

We all know that being productive at work can be difficult at times. Managing your time in a way that enhances your productivity is crucial, but the dilemma of where to start often clouds our minds.

On that note, let’s talk about some important tips and tricks that will help you improve your productivity and work smarter.

Here are some tips and trick to improve productivity at Work

  • Avoid Multitasking.
  • Take regular short breaks.
  • Take care of the most important tasks productively.
  • Plan your day in advance.
  • Set small goals.

Avoid Multitasking

some tips and tricks

The temptation of doing everything at once gives us a feeling of being productive but instead, it’s a productivity killer. Some neurological studies and research has shown that multitasking is humanly impossible. Handling more than one task at a time can hamper your focus and in turn, reduce your productivity drastically.

Instead of letting your mind fool you into doing multiple tasks simultaneously like juggling phone calls, eating lunch, and working on a presentation, you must give your full attention to one task at hand. This way you can actually finish your work much faster.

Take Regular Short Breaks

some tips and tricks to improve productivity at work

The thought that working for long hours without breaks can get you more work done is wrong. This not only causes you to burn out but will also lead to a mental breakdown. We only have a certain duration of attention span after which our level of concentration and focus starts to decline and this results in low productivity.

Taking short breaks in between work sessions for drinking water, taking a walk, listening to music, or even going outside to get a fresh breath of air, etc can help you rejuvenate your mind and boost your mood.

This will allow you to bounce back to work with a fresh mind and improved concentration, enhancing your productivity. So, your daily work shouldn’t be a marathon of long hours but should be a series of sprints.

Take Care of the Most Important Tasks Productively

some tips and tricks to improve productivity at work

It is always advised to do your most important work when you are most productive during the day. At times, we put aside big tasks for the end as we feel less confident and by the time we get to these tasks we are totally burned out or mentally exhausted.

This can lead to working additional days for the completion of the project. However, you can prevent it if you know when you are most productive during the day and using this time to tackle big or important tasks. There is no set time for this, if you are a morning person you can deal with important tasks first thing in the day.

Plan Your Day in Advance

some tips and tricks to improve productivity at work

Not having a proper plan is sometimes one of the main reasons why people fail to achieve their goals. We all get 24 hours each day and how we spend this time defines how productive we are at our work. Planning your day in advance or listing down the things you need to take care of the next day will prevent you from wasting time.

You can use spreadsheet software such as MS Excel for this purpose, preparing a to-do list and checking off the tasks achieved will keep you sorted. In case you are unfamiliar with the functioning of Excel, you can enroll in an Advanced Excel Course online.

Set Small Goals

some tips and tricks to improve productivity at work

Whether you are working on a big project or preparing for an exam, breaking down your goals into small achievable tasks is the way to success. Working each day to achieve these small daily goals will make your stress melt away and you will feel more confident and in control. This way you can achieve any big daunting task by breaking it down into small realistic tasks and accomplishing them one by one.

You can also seek guidance from your mentors or experts if you feel puzzled. For instance, if you are preparing for a competitive exam and have a very limited time to cover the entire exam syllabus then you can seek expert guidance on online learning platforms such as Testbook with the comfort of your home.


So in this post, we’ve listed out some tips and tricks to improve productivity at work. Hope you’ll follow these 5 important tips and tricks to make your life happy.