After the college student has decided on the topic, he is faced with another important task – the essay outline. To understand how to write it, many use methodological recommendations, look at free essay samples online. Someone takes a sample essay outline from classmates or senior students. However, without a clear understanding, its development will be complex.

What is an Essay Outline?

This is a kind of algorithm of actions, how to write a project correctly, starting from the topic and ending with a list of sources. All work is thus divided into stages, and this simplifies the preparation of the study.

The development of this section allows you to systematize all subsequent actions, to avoid the inclusion of unnecessary information that is not directly related to the topic. Thanks to the outline for writing term papers, it becomes possible to design an introduction correctly, choose the appropriate literature and develop a practical part. Other benefits include:

  • The ability to determine in advance the scope of the project, to make all its details approximately the same;
  • Reduction of time for selection of sources and their analysis;
  • Targeted consideration of the project problem without deviating from the stated topic.

The main property of the outline is a consistent presentation of the material. For this to be true, it is necessary to consult with your teacher about the topic and the literature based on which the research will be conducted. Then you should proceed to the theoretical part. This is where the analysis needs to be found on the work of the selected authors.

The next step is to develop a practice section. It is essential to choose the right example that will form the basis of this part. This can be done both independently and on the advice of the experts.

In conclusion, it is worth paying attention to the list of sources used, including the works of your teacher.

To make it easier to draw up an approximate essay outline, you should remember a few rules:

  • Logic – the sections should be interconnected and consistently reveal the topic, highlight the problem posed;
  • Uniqueness – the title of all chapters and subsections must fully correspond to the information they say. Similar headers are not allowed;
  • Conciseness – the titles of the sections should consist of one sentence.

Conclusions that were made based on the results of the study are mandatory. It is also advisable to include a summary at the end of each subsection. As a result, such a course outline gives a complete picture of the work’s content and its problems and reveals the topic through a competent structure.

Essay Outline Structure

The content of the study should have a clear structure. Subsequently, it will become the content of the project, which is placed after the title page. When drawing up an essay outline, you can immediately follow the recommendations from the training manuals. You should also take into account the college requirements. What should be in the outline of the term paper or an essay?

Main Parts

1. Introduction:

Every scientific research begins with it. It identifies goals and objectives, describes the methods used, reveals the relevance of the topic. The opening is structured to explain ​​what is being described in the work and why it is so important.

The central part is the basis of the whole project. The topic of the work is revealed here, and the tasks posed in the introduction are solved. As a rule, the central part includes at least two chapters. The first of them is most often theoretical. It is devoted to analyzing terms, the analysis of concepts, and the consideration of sources. The second chapter contains practice and is aimed at a detailed study of the subject and object.

2. Conclusion:

The section summarizes the results, voices the student’s personal opinion.

3. Bibliography:

Requires at least 15 sources. Therefore, first, you should start with textbooks and encyclopedias. And only then begin to study monographs, articles on the Internet, scientific publications.

4. Applications:

This includes the material based on which the second part was written.

It is essential to understand that, depending on the scale of the study, the outline for writing a term paper may slightly change its appearance. Most often, this applies to the central part. If the research has a practical focus, the focus is on various developments. In a theoretical nature, the work is devoted to a deeper study of the topic and approaches to its comprehension.

Essay Outline Examples

When outlining any kind, the main thing is logic, consistency, and brevity. This will help you make a good outline and put together informative and comprehensive material that is relevant to the topic. And this, in turn, will have a positive effect on future assessment.

What is the Difference Between Table of Contents and Outline

As mentioned above, each outline eventually becomes a table of contents and occupies the second page of the essay. First, it lies in the design: for example, when outlining, you can omit the pages, while for the table of contents, it is necessary.

Another difference is that the outline can be both simple and complex. We consistently compose the content unfolded.

In short, the outline of the essay is what can or should be, and the table of contents is what is already there. Therefore, sometimes their structure may differ depending on what other details were identified during the study and its nuances.