Today one of the most popular approaches to learn any programming language is a game. Nobody denies that playing some concept is highly effective (especially for a young audience) in memorizing various programming topics and applying them to a real-life task. Luckily, JavaScript is not an exception.

Indeed, newbies to computing science often need help with their JavaScript projects. For instance, when students ask, “can you do my JavaScript homework?” they often are uncertain about their personal skills and rely on the help of industry experts. This is the right approach to see other examples to apply them in their projects and grow as specialists. So, let’s focus on 10 JavaScript educational online games that can significantly increase your knowledge and help you build strong coding skills.

1. Code Wars

This game suits JavaScript programmers of any level. First of all, you pass the initiation, which helps the system to understand your skills. Train with other programmers to feel a competitive atmosphere. Code Wars game contains katas which mean different game levels. After passing each one, you get honors and ranks. Each kata has its own solution, and you can compare your results with other players online. If you gain enough skills in all previous katas, you can create a new one. Dedicate it to specific interests and rely on skills you want others to check.

2. Elevator Saga

The principle of this game is based on the programmer’s ability to move the elevator with 15 people from one location to another in 60 seconds. You have a code sample written in JavaScript language. All you need is to add one more line with correct indexes, so your elevator requires you to transport new numbers of people through different floors. Luckily, passing the challenge, you get more complex tasks to level up your JavaScript skills. For instance, you need to deliver 20 people to their floors in 60 seconds on the next level.

3. Cyber Dojo

This game is working for donations and helps to connect programmers worldwide. Here you can learn how to solve issues in a team and develop coding skills effectively. The principle is simple: you see the final result and need to solve the task’s code. Enter the existing practice or create your own with a specific ID. Choose any exercises such as 100 doors, Word Wrap, or 12 days of Xmas. Here you need to work with functions, numbers, arrays, and integers.

4. CheckIO

This strategy game is one of the most popular among JavaScript and Python learners. The interface is very simple and attractively designed. You can start a new game without registration or log in to have access to more benefits. After you’ve created an account, you can continue the already existed game. The rule is simple: you need to visit an island, manage coding tasks, and end an expedition. After it, you move to the next stage with simple missions. Every next level, you face more difficult tasks on such locations as Polygon, Ice Base, and Electronic Station.

5. Empire of Code

This space game will empower your creative thinking in combination with coding skills. Here you need to build factories with improved algorithms in code or conquer enemies by creating defense with JavaScript. Moreover, you can learn to create a Python-based bot with JavaScript elements to implement it in the game and steal other players’ resources.

6. Untrusted

Check your JavaScript code mastery with the Untrusted meta-game. Those who participate in the game appear in the middle of the rectangle and need to get out of that fence from hashtags. Your character is at a sign, and you need to move it during the game with the help of JavaScript code. Follow prompts in the text editor and be very attentive not to omit something important from the guideline.

7. CodeCombat

This is the right place to learn for the gaming industry officially! Teachers can create an account and join their class there. Watching others’ performance, a teacher can see how each student develops individually and help them in the learning process. Coding lessons are combined with a gaming approach to easily understand JavaScript principles and get solid support from a global community of over 20 million learners.

This game suits all schools levels, and even adults can play it. This is the most recognized creative coding tool among, BBC, WSJ, TechCrunch, and others.

8. CodinGame

Learning JavaScript in a competing atmosphere makes it effective and engaging. Invite other students online to check your coding skills and play games together on an international level. It doesn’t matter whether you win or not. Still, you will know your flaws and can instantly fix them without any harm to your career. Except for JavaScript, you can find various other language tutorials (Python, Swift, Ruby, or C++).

9. Screeps

This is a paid game, but you can join the demo version and get all the benefits for a limited time. Assume your programming skills and write code with control units. Creeps are the main characters, and you need to move them using JavaScript code. This is a modified version of the Dots game we used to play in classes. Develop your colony and kill enemies with more Creeps on your side.

10. CodeMonkey

This tool is a great start for kids and adults to start learning CoffeeScript. Yes, you’ve read it correctly! This is an open-source language that helps students to understand HTML5 standards blended with JavaScript code. Moreover, with CodeMonkey, you can create your own game and run it instantly on your device. This app works on desktop, iOS, and Android versions.


Each game from this list has its own specification still, it has one common characteristic – JavaScript orientation. Those students who’ve been dreaming for a while to become a great programmer should understand that the game is only part of the studying process. If you want to expand your knowledge, a game is a necessary method to use in coding. Still, when you apply your skills in real-life severe programming projects, you memorize how to deploy functions and other stuff better. Therefore, use traditional methods integrated with a modern approach to gain the most effective results in the IT industry.